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We want to help you adjust to your new home and wish to make your life here as pleasant as possible!

You may have some questions about your new home. Here are answers to some questions residents often ask. The following information tells you a little bit about life in the Retirement Village. If you have questions that are not answered in this booklet, please ask the Retirement Village Manager and refer to the related agreement or policy. This Handbook is an informational guide only and does not supersede any contract agreement or policy.


Why choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

The goal of a CCRC is to allow residents to age in place with a continuum of care. If illness or injury occurs, the necessary health care services required will be available ideally within the community, and the person will not have to move elsewhere to obtain the care they need. This can allow couples to maintain close proximity as individual needs change.

Choosing a CCRC gives opportunity for an individual or couple to plan their living arrangement carefully and early so they can direct their own future.

Can I enter Goodwill Retirement Community at any level of care?

Yes, Goodwill is a fee-for-service community, which allows a resident to enter at any level and pay only for the services they receive.

Do I need to be Mennonite to enter Goodwill's community?

No, we welcome people of all beliefs. Our Mission is to empower others to live in joy and purpose, guided by God’s love as we care and serve.  We recognize that people are the noblest created beings, and therefore we respect and treat each person with dignity regardless of their needs.  This is what we believe and do.

Is there financial assistance available?

Medicare and Medicaid are both accepted as payment in the Nursing Home for eligible residents. Currently, there is no financial assistance available for the residents of Assisted Living at Goodwill or for the Retirement Village.

What are the age requirements?

There are no age restrictions for Assisted Living and the Nursing Home. For admission to the Retirement Village, applicant(s) must be at least 55 years of age.

Will I Be Able to Bring My Pet?

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are permitted in our Retirement Village. Birds and fish are permitted in Assisted Living. The Nursing Home participates in a Pet Therapy Program and welcomes the visitation of registered pets.

What steps do I need to take if I am interested in becoming a resident of Goodwill Retirement Community?

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Admission Representative and a tour of the campus.
  2. Complete an application for the appropriate level of care. (No application fee for Nursing Home and Assisted Living.)
  3. Wait for an available cottage, apartment or bed.
  4. Work closely with Admission Representative to gather required Insurance, Advance Directive, Financial, and Medical information.

What activities can I participate in?

Goodwill Nursing Home and Assisted Living provide a variety of scheduled activities for residents to choose from each day and throughout the month.

Balloon Tennis:

This activity using balloons and special lightweight rackets provides a time of fun and exercise for residents of all levels of physical and cognitive ability.

Chapel Services:

Pastors of Goodwill’s residents are invited and scheduled to share during the weekly Chapel Services. The connection of residents to their pastor and church family is very important


“Laughter is the best medicine.” Many enjoy a weekly session when activities staff and residents share funny stories and jokes.

Coke & Gab:

This activity was created at the request of residents who wanted a time and place to simply sit with a “coke” and talk about whatever is on their mind.

Coffee & News:

Residents enjoy a morning cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while hearing and discussing articles from the local papers.


Volunteers from the community and Retirement Village join Nursing Home and Assisted Living Residents in making Yo-Yo Dolls, Sock Monkeys, Pillows, Ceramics, Amish Dolls, etc. Craft time at Goodwill is reflective of the old-time quilting bees where participants catch up on events in the lives of their friends and neighbors. The room is filled with conversation and laughter.

Educational Film/Video:

Residents enjoy the weekly educational film or video. Most of Goodwill’s residents can no longer travel, but these films bring back many memories of places that they visited in their lifetime; scenic routes, parks, historical landmarks, etc.

Enrichment Visits:

Many residents benefit greatly from one-on-one visits. Staff and volunteers visit residents in their rooms, providing scents and music. They also spend time reading to, singing, and praying with residents who desire that interaction.

Evening Programs:

Individuals, Families, Churches, Civic Groups and organizations give of their time and talents to provide a variety of special programs each evening. Many groups sing or play instruments. Other programs include puppets, dance, bells, drama, and magic. Not only do the residents enjoy the performances, they also enjoy the daily interaction with people from outside the retirement community.

Fine Tuning:

A weekly exercise class is well attended by Assisted Living and Nursing Home residents.


Handicap accessible garden boxes are located in Goodwill’s courtyards. Residents enjoy planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, and eating fresh tomatoes, squash, onions, cucumbers, etc.

Kitchen Goody:

Everyone enjoys the Kitchen Goody activities, which involve making and eating a special food item, many of which are foods that the residents remember making with their children, parents, or grandparents. Some highlights have been homemade ketchup, apple butter, hand-cranked ice cream, popcorn balls, potato candy, homemade bread, biscuits, cookies cake, etc. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are also prepared and enjoyed during this activity.

Knitting Class

Since it is never too late to learn a new skill, the weekly knitting class provides an opportunity for beginners to learn from those who have mastered the craft. Currently, residents are knitting sweaters to be donated to children in need.

Memory Lane Group Activity:

Each afternoon staff provides a special activity for Residents in the Alzheimer’s Care Unit. Activities include sing-a-longs, word associations, balloon tennis, quizzes, spelling bees, courtyard walks, gardening, and old movies. This special activity is strategically scheduled to provide interaction with residents who experience “sundowning.”


Each weekend residents enjoy a movie selection and popcorn.

Other activities include Bingo, Birthday Parties, Seasonal Events/Parties, Gardening, Table Games, Video Games, Horseshoes, etc.  

Already a resident?


Download these handbooks that may answer any questions you have.

Independent Living Resident Handbook

The staff and residents of Goodwill Retirement Village welcome you as a resident. We want to make your life here as pleasant as possible!

Assisted Living Resident Handbook

The staff and residents of Assisted Living at Goodwill welcome you as a resident. We want to make your life here as pleasant as possible!

Nursing Care Resident Handbook

The staff and residents of Goodwill Nursing Home welcome you as a resident. We want to make your life here as pleasant as possible!

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